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Specialty Food Grade and Kosher Polyglycerol Esters of any required molecular weight

Dave Brose : President Gly-Tek

Dave has over 30 years experience in research, sales and technical service before starting Gly-Tek. Dave received his BS in Organic Chemistry from San Jose State University. He uses his mastery of chemical theory in research and new product conceptualization. He is skilled in problem solving. He oversees operations, production, safety, quality control, and human resources.

Dave resides in Hansen, ID with his wife Su. He has three children and two grandchildren. Dave enjoys fishing, scuba diving, and looking through his telescope.

Dave Brose


Chris Brose : Technical Service Representative/Special Projects

Chris has over 15 years experience as Technical Services and Special Projects representitive. He is also a member of the Idaho Army National Guard. He received a BS in Biology from Idaho State University. Chris has also attended the McGinnis Beet End School. He specializes in Beet End and defoamer applications, as well as, equipment development and installation. He also provides support to other Technical Service Representatives.

Chris lives in Kimberly, ID with his wife Kari and new son Graham. He enjoys motorcycles and radio control airplanes.

Chris Brose

Tim Brose : Process Engineer/Lab Supervisor

Tim has over 15 years experience as Process Engineer and Lab Supervisor. Tim received his BS in Chemical Engineering at Montana State and has also attended Beet and Sugar End School by McGinnis.

Tim lives in Twin Falls, ID and enjoys bicycling, motorcycles, and trains.

Tim Brose

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